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Chi Kung Retreat - Tuscany 

4th to 11th May 2019 



Welcome in the Spring 


The College of Elemental Chi Kung and Ilrespirodellavita are pleased to be able to offer a retreat in beautiful Tuscany in May 2019.




Arrive: Saturday 4th May at 2pm

Depart: Saturday 11th May at 2pm 




The retreat is payable in two tranches. 


The deposit is paid in euros 


€500 deposit for a shared room

€560 deposit for a single room


The remainder of the fee is to be paid in sterling and is £500.


Further details on how and where to pay will be given at the time of booking. 














The theme of the retreat is 'Welcome in the Spring'.


Spring can be a time of major shifts, when nature changes from stillness to movement. 


Thalbert and Sue have designed the retreat to support transition, in tune with nature's rejuvenation and rebirth which takes place at this time of year. 


We hope you can join us to 'Welcome in the Spring'.



This retreat will be co-led by Thalbert Allen (Co-founder, Director and Principle Tutor of CECK) and Sue Reed (Mindfulness Teacher (AIM) and Chi Kung Teacher). Sue and Thalbert both have over 15 years Chi Kung experience. 



Join Sue and Thalbert using the teachings of the College of Element Chi Kung as we harness the power of the elements to gain freedom of movement while coming into balance with the universe.







Associazione I Tre Santi

Via Voltiggiano







Travel and transfers are not included in the cost of the retreat and need to be booked and paid for separately.


Contact Sue Reed info@ilrespirodellavita.it to reserve your place. Places are limited so please book early.