Teacher Training Programme

The overall intention of the training is to present Chi Kung as a way to relate to expressions of life forces within the human system.
In particular to listen and be aware of how you are, to become more present with body dynamics and movements of Chi within the body and mind.

The training will teach the following skills:

  • self reflection
  • stability and groundedness
  • stillness of mind and body
  • sensitivity to Chi
  • use of intention
  • synchronicity of movement, along with an understanding and appreciation of the body's structure, traditional chinese medical concepts and taoist philosophy.

Course Format

The course is run over two years in order to give students time to mature their practice and gain a comprehensive knowledge of Chi Kung. Each year there will be ten 2 day seminars designed in order to deepen into the experience of the work.

Each day will be from 10.00-5.00 with a lunch and tea breaks. Attendance is mandatory. Any missed days need to be made up with individual tutorial sessions with one of the tutors. These are not covered in the course fee and must be paid for separately. In addition there is a practice day between each seminar to review previous material. Attendance is optional.

Between seminars you will be given homestudy and expected to develop a daily Chi Kung practice for which you will be asked to keep a diary. After the first year you will need to set up a practice class for teaching Chi Kung in order to develop your skills of teaching and presenting.

Assessment and Graduation

Students will be assessed through continuous tutor assessment, self-assessment and submission of home study exercises and projects. Students will be graduated upon successful completion of all these elements and receive a teaching certificate. Insurance for teaching will be available.


€150 per seminar (non residential). Total €1500 euros per year. The price will include all teaching during the seminars, assessment and class notes. In addition you will be expected to purchase some books. There are several mandatory texts necessary for the course that should amount to no more than €150 which is not included in the course price.

FIRST SEMINAR Participants can attend the first seminar without committing to the full course. This seminar is an introduction into basic forms and concepts and will provide an opportunity to experience the approach and appreciate the extent of the curriculum.

Payment Plan

Payment Option 1- €1400 paid in advance at the first seminar

Payment Option 2 - 3 x Instalments. First Instalment €500 due at start of Seminar 1; Second Instalment €500 due at start of Seminar 5, Third Instalment €500 due at start of Seminar 10.

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Application and Entry requirements

All applicants are required to have relevant experience, maturity, commitment and enthusiasm towards Chi Kung. Formal qualifications are not required but ability to study is essential, and each applicant is assessed and interviewed on a personal basis. Please contact us for an application form or fill in the application form online

Seminar dates:

Seminar 1A - 21-22 Nov 2009              Seminar 1B - 19-20 Dec 2009

Seminar 2A - 22-23 Jan 2010
Seminar 2B - 13-14 Feb 2010

Seminar 3A - 27-28 Mar 2010              Seminar 3B - 24-25 Apr 2010

Seminar 4A - 22-23 May 2010             Seminar 4B - 26-27 June 2010

Seminar 5A - 24-25 Jul 2010               Seminar 5B - 28-29 Aug 2010

Seminar 6A - 09-10 Oct 2010              Seminar 6B - 20-21 Nov 2010

Seminar 7A - 11-12 Dec 2010              Seminar 7B - 22-23 Jan 2011

Seminar 8A - 19-20 Feb 2011              Seminar 8B - 12-13 Mar 2011

Seminar 9A - 23-24 Apr 2011              Seminar 9B - 14-15 May 2011

Sem 10A- 18-19 Jun 2011                    Seminar 10B - 23-24 Jul 2011

Venue: Il respiro della vita Via Vologno 38, Castelnovo Ne Monti, (RE)

Chi Kung Workshops
Italy 2009/2010

14-15 November 2009 - Metal Element Workshop

16-17 January 2010 - Water Element Workshop

20-21 March 2010 - Wood Element Workshop

15-16 May 2010 - Fire Element Workshop

Venue: Il respiro della vita Via Vologno 38, Castelnovo Ne Monti, (RE)

To book any of these workshops please email Sue Reed at info@ilrespirodellavita.it



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